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Our Morning Basket in Eastertide

Phew!  It’s the home stretch of our homeschool year. Although many families use the freedom that homeschooling offers to craft creative yearly schedules, we follow the September-May schedule of most traditional schools.  That means that we are just entering our final term of the academic year.  It was well past time to edit and restock my morning time basket.  Here’s what we are working on this last term during the 50 Days of Easter and beyond into the fiery season of Pentecost.

Our Morning Basket

What does your basket hold?


  1. We used Language Lessons for the very Young last year, but when I switched to Sonlight last Fall I just picked up their Lang. now we are going back to Queen Publishing! Good stuff!

      1. I really love that we can all read and enjoy the picture book and then my oldest can take the next step with the story herself. It adds a richness, even to skill work.

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