Curriculum Win!

This past Fall I wrote about my biggest curriculum fail.  Not my biggest homeschooling fail or my biggest mothering fail mind you!  Just the biggest mistake I had made in purchased resources!  We don’t buy a whole lot here–our curriculum is based on reading lots of good books. Even most of those come from the library instead of the book store.

Living Language Grammar Packs

But guess what’s happened?  That fail has turned miraculously into a win.  All that’s changed is my 3rd grader is now a rising 4th grader.  She’s a stronger reader.  We’ve had a whole year to practice and review basic grammar.  We found out first hand that it’s never too late to be ready!

And you know what else?  My instincts about this the Grammar Packs weren’t off.  We love the books they are built on. We love sharing the stories that turn into individual skill work for my daughter.  And the stories are opening up conversations about so much more than grammar.  You can head to The Curriculum Choice for my full review.

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  1. I have often experienced something similar. Sometimes the kit works for the same child. Sometimes what was a “fail” for one child is just the thing for the next one. Nothing is wasted. Even the stuff that I just end up giving away is not a “fail” because I learned something about my children and myself through the experience.

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