Summertime Schole

Even though the beginning of formal study is still a few weeks off, Summer is winding down here. The light is changing.  I have to turn on lights in the evening now.  The leaves are getting dry and sound different when the wind blows.

But before school starts, we’ve got a few more weeks of adventuring. We are in the midst of vacation Bible school this week, and are really enjoying focused learning and singing with our friends.  There might be a trip to the zoo in the works and we’ve got a field trip planned for our first day back!  But the main item on my to-do list this weekend is reading books–outside!

There’s a new review up this morning at The Curriculum Choice.  Discount codes and giveaways!  Oh my!  I’ve really enjoyed using the online version of The Classical Reader and our reading list has grown and deepened as a result.  But there’s something to be said for holding a book in your hands, for the synchronicity that happens as you flip through looking for the perfect book.  They are different tools that compliment each other so well.


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