The Wonder Project :: Spiritual Sustenance

Rahima Baldwin said that reverence and gratitude were the basis of the spiritual life.  She also said that the home can be the place where the spiritual needs of every member are met.


Have you ever considered that?  So often we think about the competing demands of caring for children and our own needs.  And there certainly is a tension, especially in the intense years of early mothering.  But there is also a grace that comes for families.  We finally belong.

What would it take for the spiritual needs of every family member to be met?  To begin with, quiet reflection.

  • What does this child need right now?
  •  Stronger rhythm or kindness or good food or time outside?
  • Which child, which partner is carrying too much of the load?
  • Is there space for everyone to have both the out-breath of action and in-breath of contemplation?

And then small changes, small steps like the one we’ve been thinking about in The Wonder Project.  Steps that will become a part of your own Wonder Project. These shifts really can bring meaningful progress over time.

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