Becoming a Runner

The most curious thing happened late this Summer.  I became one of those middle aged women who takes up running.  I blame it all on Mystie Winckler!  I learned about interval planning from her–short bursts of focused work for a specific amount of time.  I knew that it had something to do with exercise, but hadn’t really thought about it more than that.


Then I read an interview with Maggie May Ethridge on Wholly Curious.  She said her running included walking!  Unlike miles upon miles of exertion, that sounded like something I could do!  So I looked up a couch-to-5K training program and got to work.  I kept it quiet for a few weeks, not wanting to draw attention to something that might only be a fleeting practice.  But then I quiety mentioned it on Instagram.  I was so overwhelmed at the outpouring of support!  Made me proud of my little project.


And through that picture I got to connect with the amazing Helen McLaughlin.  She’s big-hearted and funny and smart and living her adventures outloud.  I love reading her Weekly Updates and was beyond excited when she asked me to participate in her current curiosity project!  So go check out my little interview!  Then head back here for a few links!

This is the training podcast that I started out with.  It’s free and unlike anything else I listen to, so it felt different and good.  There’s music and then chimes when you switch back and forth between running and walking.

But I found that I really wanted to know how much longer I had to run, so I got this app on my phone.  It plays over your own music–a very unobtrusive voice says, Let’s jog!  And I can see the counter winding down and know what my speed is and what’s coming up next.  I’ve started listening to podcasts why I run.  Loving listening to Creative Mom Podcast!

And here’s my training update.  Today I…

  • walked for 5 minutes
  • ran for 5 minutes
  • walked for 3 minutes
  • RAN for 8 MINUTES!
  • walked for 3 minutes
  • ran for 5 minutes!


  1. Great job Kortney! If you like tracking your runs and seeing your progress, I highly recommend smashrun.com (it’s free). It imports your data and displays it for you. I love using it!

  2. You really are an inspiration to me, Kortney. When I want to push myself to go a little longer, a little farther, I think of you—I think of Miles 17 and 18, and I think of meaningful progress, and I think of what you said about trying on a growth mindset. I’ve reread your interview a whole bunch and will keep rereading it because it’s reminding me of how I want to treat my running practice, yes, but also many other areas of practice in my life. Thank you so much for showing up and sharing so fully in your interview. I’m grateful. xx

  3. Go Kort! I am so proud of you. I never thought I could do a 5K until I heard you say that running can include walking. Thank you for your encouragement! Should we try a run in TX? And then eat nachos?

    1. My shoes won’t fit in my suitcase?! Is that a plausible excuse? How about a massage instead? Self-care is important, right?;)

      So proud of your triathlon! Makes me want to look up one in my neighborhood!

    1. Woman, you inspire and encourage me so much. Every day. Working with you has made my world so much bigger. And now running is a part of that world of accomplishment. Mwah!

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