Poetry Friday: 15 Words or Less

A poem for the end of the year inspired by this photograph by the amazing Laura Purdie Salas. Each week she hosts a challenge to write a 15 word poem inspired by one of her photographs!  You can head to Mainely Write for more Poetry Friday goodness.

Photo by Laura Purdie Salas


New Year’s Day

Inside the 10,000 days of work

there are still spaces

to find the path again.





  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday, Kortney. I don’t know if I’ve visited here before.

    I saw another poem on this image in today’s offerings. Love how these photos inspire such a variety of poems. Yours is so apt for the eve of a new year. Have a happy one!

  2. Hi, Kortney–I add my welcome to Poetry Friday, and thanks for the Twitter follow! Your poem makes me wonder a lot of questions, especially under the title “New Year’s Day”–I’m hoping my path will come clear in the next little while myself.

    1. That #haikuforhealing hashtag grabbed me! Something so needed wrapped in something so approachable. I have a feeling I’ll be using it…

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