Best American History Picture Books

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Learning together is one of our guiding lights.  It’s how we know we’re on the right course.  And picture books are at the heart of our learning project.  Picture books marry image and text in ways that are enriching, inspiring, and downright magical.   They invite the youngest to cozy up for a good story, provide plenty of drawing inspiration for the middle, and are fine companions for independent reading for the oldest.

Best American History Picture Books

This list was created at BiblioCommons…because it’s so long!  But I also hope that it’s a way for you to easily access the books at your own library.  Here are a few standouts.

Cheryl Harness packs more information into her hand-drawn maps than most books even attempt.  She has a fine eye for detail and a good sense of humor.  Her books are text heavy–you’ll want to return to them again.  But she rewards careful attention.  We love her coloring pages, especially Laura Ingalls Wilder.

We added the tall tales of Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed into our formal history studies.  Steven Kellogg’s versions are our favorites!  We also have a Dover American Tall Tales coloring book that we love.

Only one of Jonah Winter’s books is on our list.  That’s mostly because we’ve only studied up to the Civil War.  His books are irreverent and absolutely engaging.  The Founding Fathers is a perfect companion to Liberty’s Kids and Johnny Tremain.

After a two year deep dive into American history, we have plans to begin Joy Hakim’s Story of Science.  So I imagine there will be another long list of picture books to share!

How do you learn together?

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