Bernadette Mayer :: Walk Like a Robin

Universal basic income–have you heard of this idea? Some people think it might be a help. This interview with Bernadette Mayer brings up questions of right livelihood, just compensation, and a living wage. And all in a poet’s voice–give everyone everything.

After I listened to the interview two times, I fell down the Bernadette rabbit hole. Here she is reading on her birthday:

How to Look in the Mirror Without Saying “I” is an extended piece from The New Yorker.

And this is the interview where Mayer describes the John Ashbery image of the river of poetry.

If this taste of Bernadette has whet your appetite, Modern & Contemporary American Poetry features Bernadette in many ways and means. I did a quick search and found this exploration of formal poems and how poets progress. Now I’ve got to dig out her list of experiments and read some Ted Berrigan.


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