Tools for Conviviality

(Yes, this title is a clear rip off of a book by Ivan Illich, a mostly forgotten Catholic education philosopher.

There’s a worthy assignment–read some Illich!)

1906: King Street Station in Seattle, one of my destinations

Twice this year I’ve had the chance to meet with far away women friends who are also on this writing journey. And each time I’ve come home and scribbled a list of resources that I wanted to share with them, trusted guides that have illuminated my path.

But instead of just sending them an email, I thought I’d share a bit more widely.

Gottman Marriage Minute

This weekly newsletter from the Gottman Institute aims to give a tiny bit of marriage advice that you can act on in just a minute. I keep one up on my desktop that entreats me to Be Kind. This isn’t rocket science, but I can often use the reminder.

Daily Dad

Another email newsletter. This one comes every week day from Ryan Holiday. It applies his interest in Stoic philosophy to being a better dad. I’m not a dad, but I know some! And I’m raising boys. I haven’t read this long enough to know if it’s something I’ll use long term. But it’s very interesting.


This six week audio series by Julianna Baggott is all about using your quirky creative process to your own advantage. It’s about noticing when you get ideas, developing strategies to capture them, and even ways to deal with writer’s block. Get these lectures because Julianna is an excellent writer–funny, smart, and self-deprecating. She’s wonderful to spend time with. But along the way you’ll also find ways to enrich your writing life.

Shaunta Grimes

Shaunta is a novelist who publishes nearly everyday on Medium about writing and productivity. She’s serious about helping people become authors and shares her experience and expertise freely. Her work is the basis and inspiration for my own Homeschool MFA. Her articles are behind the paywall on Medium. So you can only read a few each month without paying–enough to get a taste for the work she shares. Then you can join her email list, and she’ll send a friend link that will give you free access.

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