This Girl

Often when we’re out and about, she gravitates toward younger girls. They quickly construct imaginary worlds or play tag or climb trees.

This girl’s mama said it was a gift. Her girl is an only child and often lonely. They played together until the sun went down.

Mabel Nadine turns thirteen today.


  1. Happy birthday, Mabel! And happy giving birth day to you, Kortney! Sending the two of you so much love today, and feeling grateful to have you in our lives for 12 years now, since Mabel was 1 and our Abigail was just newly born!

  2. Such a wonder our Mabel Nadine is…her unique vision of the world is a treasure. Her love and nurturing of her brothers is such a gift.
    And there is a little bit of that treasure for all of us to enjoy and be blessed with. Happy Birthday my lovely one.

  3. Why did I look at this just before my students arrived?! I’m in tears remembering this girl. One of my favorite times is when Mabel uses this gift with London. It’s such a blessing. This girl is such a blessing. Thirteen! Yikes!

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