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Even More Classes…and not Only for Poets

Just in case yesterday’s post got you excited about taking a class, here are a few more that I’ve taken and loved.

And a couple that are on my list for the new year!

Top of the list is Lori’s Journaling Boot +Reboot. This is a gem of a class that I return to again and again. Start small. Honor your efforts. Remind yourself of the work you want to be doing. These themes run throughout my Homeschool MFA and they are all from Lori!

Julianna Baggott’s Efficient/Creativity has me thinking more about my writing process. It’s less something that is mysterious and more something I can pay attention to and use well. I like this class so much I bought it for two of my friends.

Holly Wren Spaulding’s name comes up quite a lot around here. When I found her work, something opened. A sense of possibility. A contemporary of mine who was writing poems that I loved, poems that were related formally to the work that I was beginning. Holly is an ally and an artist.

AP got a Masterclass subscription for his birthday and I’ve dipped into the Billy Collins class. But really it’s the David Mamet class that has been most interesting. True story–AP wooed me with Mamet short stories read aloud at the Coffee People in the Park Blocks.

A few years ago my friend, Nicki, told me about a class with David Whyte that she was taking. It’s been on list since then. And I so much love the work of both David Steindl-Rast and David Whyte.

I recently found the work of a local poet named Sage Cohen. She’s smart and funny and lives in town! I can’t wait to take a class with her! She does offer one online for those farther afield called Write a Poem a Day. Sounds like you should take it, huh?

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