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Treat Yourself

When I show up to write, when I show up to do what I’ve said I was going to do, I treat myself. Some people use stickers or chocolates.

Me? I read a little about becoming a better writer.

The Wonder Project

Shaunta Grimes is a middle grade novelist who writes almost every day on Medium. She is no-nonsense and has plenty of experience to share. She’s also a great reader and curator.

This article called How to Become a Better Writer: 100 Resources is pure gold. Each day I read about just one resource. I follow the rabbit trails. I make notes in my Ideas Notebook (another Shaunta idea!) I end the day at the page filled up and ready to write tomorrow

Because really? That’s what I’m after. A writing practice that is sustainable and satisfying. Mornings at the page that fuel my life.

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