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Advice: Remind Yourself of the Work You Want to Do

In Reggio Emilia classrooms, teachers often leave out provocations for their students–a neat collection of supplies or books, a pile of leaves, a lump of clay. Just enough to catch the attention of an interested child. Just enough to inspire them to use these new materials in the work they were already doing.

So each night I set my own provocation. A pile of books and a black pen. The french press filled with grounds, the kettle filled with water. A candle and matches at the ready. A room strung with twinkle lights. Pictures of geese everywhere!

In her excellent journaling class, Lori Pickert says we need to remind ourselves of the work we want to be doing.

Create an environment that nurtures you toward success. Make sure it reminds you of your plans and your intentions.
The whole world is trying to distract you away from your meaningful work. It is constantly bombarding you with messages about what it cares about: your clothes, your electronics, your weight, your dinner plans, your entertainment choices.
Create an environment that helps you focus. Advertise to yourself. Create visual reminders that call you back to your highest priorities. Make sure your space is constantly bombarding you with messages about what you care about: your family, your work, your values, your priorities, your goals.
Use your space to promote your most authentic life.

–Creating a Supportive Environment

The allure of screens, the bog of inattention, the 10,000 other things that demand our time–these and more can keep us from touching our work every day. From stoking that fire and gathering around its warmth. From staying with the work.

What steps can you take to creative a supportive environment?

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