Tune My Heart: Morning Time in our Homeschool

After 10+ years of homeschooling, we have happily found a few lifegiving practices that are the foundation of our learning together. Morning Time, when we join together for prayers, hymns, scripture, and poems, is the best part of our day. It’s the anchor that lends form to the rest of our day.

Almost everyday around 9 am, you will find us assembling in the living room with notebooks in hand. I’ll probably be fiddling with the bluetooth speaker…that eventually will pair with my computer. We’ll settle in and begin to pray and sing.

And our day has begun.

The title of this series comes from “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” one of our favorite hymns. And it really is wonderful to have this occasion to get in tune with each other and the Spirit. Like the lovely swell of sound as an orchestra tunes before a concert, each of us plays a part. I’m not the teacher with assembled students. I too receive the blessing of hearing the Word proclaimed. Often in the rush of the morning, I get impatient. Morning Time gives me space every day to receive the grace of good words.

Morning Time isn’t something we simply check off our list: we did our memory work. We practiced a poem and now can recite it. We aren’t doing this for some future benefit. We return to the old paths and are blessed. The blessing comes in the doing, not in the having done.

But how to we actually do Morning Time? What pieces do we choose and how? What if kids can’t read yet or are squirrely? In the next few posts, I’ll talk more about what we do and even have a printable pdf for you to use in your own homeschool.

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