once upon a time i made a zine called fieldwork.  i first imagined this zine when i lived in the jungle of Suriname and was reading books about Margaret Mead and the fieldwork she completed as an anthropologist.  i loved the idea of approaching even the most mundane aspect of my life as an investigator, as an anthropologist.  i loved imagining life with an unknown, uncivilized tribe of children yet to be born.

this wasn’t the first zine i ever made….there was thundermoon–small, handmade books of poems and pictures and lists, always lists, of books.  and when we lived in the jungle, we two made a zine called Rivers and Trees.  when i come across copies of this zine, filed in the wrong spot, i am always startled.  i love its look and writing with Andy.  and the stories!  how many times am i going to have the chance to write about fishing with your bare hands or the boy lost for days in the forest and then returned home safe.

fieldwork was the first zine made on the computer.  and i was never satisfied with that process.  there were always problems when it came time to print.  and there was none of the satisfaction of making something.  there hasn’t been a new edition in a long while.  and i just started thinking that the end had come.  but there’s no reason that has to be so.  i still have brown paper to print on and clear stickers to seal each copy.  so maybe there will be more.  maybe they will look a bit different.

for now, i wanted to make all of fieldwork available to you. there are almanac pages and suggestions for celebrating Advent and Pentecost and Michaelmas.  and always, books i think worth your time.   if you go to Scribd, you can download every edition as a pdf and print them as you will.  brown recycled paper, please!

i’d love to know that you are looking at these…printing these…that they are living a life past the one i had planned for them.


  1. Hi! Found your lovely blog recently via Melissa Wiley, whom I found after reading A Little Way of Homeschooling. 😉
    Thank you for so generously offering your zine. I will reading through.

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