today we were out at the Children’s Parade in Hollywood till late. pictures will follow. but for now, some gleanings from the poetry workshop that i attended taught by Paulann Petersen.

it’s almost the end of poetry month
and so many people want to get in on it.
to that i say, hosanna! let’s dive in!

the poem–that which is made; the house that must be entered
living in the house of poetry

a paucity of take

thonic: of the underworld

the turn a poem makes…let it turn sweet

Wm Stafford didn’t call them poems, rather “these things i write.”

vivid language, compression, resonance with what is human
: what poems have

every time a poem touches the earth, it gains strength
: Wm Stafford

sough: what trees do

she passes out a sheet called “noun list”
and my heart races, feet go cold with excitement!

repetition–heart beat and breath–and then variation
that’s how music works

your very flesh shall be a great poem
: Whitman

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