alot can happen in two years. that’s how long we lived in the jungle, how long we lived with the BBC on shortwave radio and back issues of Newsweek as our only media sources. i knew my cricket scores and how Manchester United was doing. i also knew more about current pop music than at any other time in my life. on the BBC there was a countdown show called “Top of the Pops” and a new release show called “White Label.” Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas were very big. where is the love?

ipods came on the market in the two years we were gone. there had been other MP3 players. but not an ipod. podcasts happened too. i remember listening to a BBC reporter tell about these homemade radio shows that anyone could make. the topics were wide-ranging and unique. it sounded to me alot like zines. but it didn’t sound like they would be very popular or would last very long. definitely a fast moving trend. i didn’t think anyone in America would use camera phones either!

well these few years later, podcasts still exist. they are still often homemade. though there are plenty that are quite slick. i listen and love The Creative Mom Podcast. i love Amy’s stories about her boys and her art. i love her voice. i especially like all of her book recommendations. for the record, i’m not crazy about the music, but it still surprises me and has me in tears every once in a while. most of all i like the community of (mostly) women, mostly mamas, that has grown up around the show. they post pictures of their sketchbooks on flickr. they have blogs of their own. i regularly read Handmade Homeschool and Golightly Place. it does me good to see other women who love their children and create. just what i want.

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