we’ve been out and about more this spring. in part because the weather is nicer. in part because Mabel is older and can walk pretty good and is just so interested in everything. twice during this season, we’ve been out in the community, and i’ve heard mamas speak about their children and it’s just really impressed me.

at the zine writing workshop, i shared a table with a boy who was maybe 12. his mom sat next to him. as we went around the room introducing ourselves, he said who we was and hat he was interested in writing and drawing. ah! the zine workshop was the best place for him to be then. and then it was his mom’s turn. she said, i’m Joe’s mom and i’m here to support him in his writing. really? moms really do that? i had read homeschooling stories about parents who support their children’s interests by helping to find internships and other ways for children to connect with people who are already doing what they’re interested in. but here it was, happening right in front of me. i was sharing a table with part of a family that actively looked for ways to support each other’s creative work. amazing.

and then last night at a Volunteer Social at the International Center for Traditional Childbearing, a girl who was 15 stood up and said that she was interested in becoming a midwife. then her mom stood and said, i’m Brooke’s mom and i’m here to support her. i was just floored.

part of the reason i take Mabel to volunteer with me is because i think it’s so important for her to be around women who are passionate about their work, passionate about babies and children. strong women who are working to make a space in this world that is safe for mamas and babies. and i can’t imagine how wonderful it will be when she asks for my help in discovering and exploring something that makes her excited.

i think there might have been a time when the fact that the women introduced themselves only as mothers would have bothered me. and i might have phrased it differently myself. but it’s not a bad thing to be the support, the catalyst, the one who makes things happen. our life is going to be used up and spent in some way. each day flows through our hands and is gone. i can’t think of a better way to be of use.