twenty four

it’s Papa’s birthday!

a little cake. a few presents. this is not quite half of AP’s presents. looks like it’s going to be a good year! he’s gone just now doing work stuff. he was supposed to take the day off, but something came up. so he’ll be home soon. already this morning we went out to breakfast with our friends, Nicki and Kevin. they’ll be moving down from Washington in a few weeks. so we took a look at their new place and ate at Petite Provence. we hadn’t been back since last spring when we came for a visit. such yummy pastry. cheese croissant! happy birthday indeed. i don’t know what the rest of the day holds for us. it’s going to be warmer today. maybe we’ll make some homemade strawberry ice cream if we have enough ripe berries. we’ve been giving so many away! home grown Oregon strawberries make for happy neighbors.

here’s to a great year for Andy and our family and many happy returns of the day!

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  1. We join in sending our very best wishes to Andy on his birthday. I heard the report of fun, food, family and the aroma of roasting coffee that warmed my heart and made me want another cup. Cute cake too.

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