twenty five

ladies and gentlemen, may i direct your attention to our Flickr page. many, many pictures have been uploaded in the last few days, so let me get you up to speed on our comings and goings…

  1. our trip to Yakima…i can’t decide if going down the water slide was the most fun part of the trip or eating shave ice. my favorite was green apple with a squirt of sour zinger. yum! and don’t you just love the sense of style that Jess has? by the by, the pictures from Hood River are from the trip home. we stopped for a Big Dinger Dog and Cokes. more yum!
  2. swim lessons…i’ve already mentioned those, but here are a few more pictures. Maisy Layton has almost the exact same suit as our Mamie.
  3. picking strawberries in the front yard. such bounty. i’m going to make home made ice cream with this morning’s pick.
  4. Nicki + Kev…are moving to town from Bellingham. M is quite fond of them and the sweet dog Zion.
  5. the garden and the girl in the bonnet…what a harvest already.
  6. Jude…came for a visit. Marg and Thad went out for her birthday to a yummy dinner. and we got to spend the evening with Jude painting and playing.

that’s what’s up with us. and you?