i didn’t expect the end of the month so soon. i’ve still got posts waiting to be written. i guess that’s a good sign. there were certainly days when the posts here were a bit slim. so i’m not an advocate of posting for habit’s sake. if there is something to say, then by all means pound it out. but there’s no harm in sitting quiet for a few days either.

M has inherited a play structure from our neighbors. (i tried all day to upload a video of her going down the slide with no luck.) i really can’t imagine a more perfect gift at the beginning of this season. she is ripe for it! it’s plastic. but not bright and awful. earth colors with moss growing on it. the climbing walls are a bit too big for her (next year!), but the stairs and slide were getting a workout at 7:30 this morning.

i can’t tell you how nice it is to have a green place to sit. our new fence keeps the girl in, but she’s got plenty of room to roam. the garden, the pool, the play structure. and we have a baby scrub jay too. she hops along behind her mama, crying out little calls. her gray head gives her away. and the plaintive way she opens her mouth when she calls. such richness. what were you doing this morning?

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  1. A fence! I want to see your new fence. It sounds like a wonderful place for Mabel to run and explore.

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