godly play links

here are a few links to information and ideas on the web about Godly Play, a Montessori influenced approach to teaching children about God…

Faith at Home–a wonderful site made by an episcopal mama.  there are lots of links and book recommendations.

The Garage Shop–the woodworking priest!  he can craft beautiful wood pieces for your play.  i especially love the children of God.

Jerome Berryman’s site–not a whole lot of content here, but there are some more formal papers that i haven’t looked at.  i like how they describe Godly Play…deeply spiritual and highly creative.  sounds right.

Wondertime article–ran a few months ago, about a family’s experience going to Sunday school where they used Godly Play.

a post from early spring where i talk about first hearing about Godly Play.

do you know of other things that might fit here?

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