birthday list

one day just isn’t enough. there’s too much goodness. here’s a simple list of our celebration on my birthday weekend…

  • trade books at the St Johns Bookseller…find three things i love: Whole Foods for the Whole Family, Schweitzer on Indian Thought and Its Development, Enduring Grace about women mystics. which makes me want to work on my children’s book about Julian of Norwich.
  • to the park on the way home. fun fun fun. she falls asleep in the stroller before we get home.
  • dinner at Dalo’s, an Ethiopian restaurant. M really loved dipping her injera in the curry and eating carrots and spinach.
  • i woke up in the middle of the night sort of dreading the morning. we had plans for breakfast out, and i was no where near hungry!
  • John Street Cafe breakfast…early morning, still cool, the garden where we ate was freshly watered. lovely time together…Mabel could roam, plenty of coffee, the best toast and jam ever.
  • walk to the park on the way home. the girl loves playing on play structures. she’s still pretty little, but loves the challenge.
  • read Thursday’s NYTimes…Thursday Styles and the House and Garden section.
  • solo trip to Goodwill…i find a few books, a new white shirt. the lady at check out asks if i want to apply my birthday discount. i sure do! i would have bought more if i’d known!
  • AP goes to buy fish for tomorrow’s tacos. comes home with sunflowers and spider mums!
  • make cookie dough for birthday ice cream sandwiches.
  • birthday breakfast of blueberry coffecake made with berries we picked and yummy coffee made with beans we roasted!
  • jazz story time at the bookstore. they played happy birthday for me!
  • fish grilled for tacos. corn, avocados, cabbage, tortillas. yum.
  • nap!
  • to the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival to hear Randy Porter’s trio. i kept telling Mabel that our friend Jonas was born at Randy’s house! Randy played a song of his called (something like) “Art Lets the Light In.” a few notes on the piano and then a passing train whistled in response. you should have seen the light on Randy’s face! it is amazing to watch people, listen to the music, eat goat cheese and Terra chips, walk with M, see the dogs and bubbles, dance. all at our park. so perfect.
  • home to share a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.

and then i’ll have to tell you about my presents! so blessed. so full. so thankful. turning 34 feels just right.

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