coronado garage sales

have you been?

they are wonderful. they happen on Thursday mornings instead of the usual weekend. that means you’ll probably only get to them once or twice a year. but what a morning!

start with a paper. back in the day, you had to stand in line with your quarter for a copy of the Coronado Journal. now it’s the free Eagle & Times. we get ours in front of Vons. then you make a game plan: which addresses are on this side of Orange? which are before the high school? and the always troubling question: which alley is this? it helps if you have someone in the car who has lived on the island. my mom is a good choice. always make an offer. always carry plenty of small bills. always start by 8 am.

although last week’s sales were not extraordinary, i did find some great bargains…a push lawn mower (that works so well!), playmobil sets for $1 each (that Rachael and i played with for an hour), a wiffle ball & bat, a pirate kite (that i flew almost every day i was at the beach), and a bunch of musical instruments in a bag (sold by three little sisters who also gave M a doll). the bag had 9 kazoos in it! come play one! all this for under $10. and i got to share a fun morning with three neat women.


  1. Coronado garage sales! A family tradition…did I tell you about the time Kortney found a signed copy of Robert Frost poems for fifty cents? Remember the wall hanging of the Mexican village and the time lapse photograph of the sea gull that could hang in a gallery? So many bargains and fun times, but this year with my newest daughter-in-law, my beloved daughter, and Mabel, it was more wonderful than ever.

    My find was a $2.00 runner to catch the sand from the beach along with a ceramic plaque of scenes from the south to hang behind my sink. When I look at it, I will remember my special girls and the blessings of so much fun and excitement for so little.

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