labor day

yes, it was yesterday.  i didn’t make it over here to share a few favorite Labor Day links…

there are so many hard-to-hear stories of birth floating around.  it is so important to surround ourselves with positive images of what we are trying to do.  Journey Into Motherhood was compiled by a midwife from San Diego.  it includes stories of homebirths and hospital births, all sorts of women making all sorts of choices.  but they all have positive birth stories.  and that’s what we need to hear

some of the best photos and story of a birth…made by Rachel to celebrate her son Grey’s birth.  (hey jess, can you find the link to the beautiful British homebirth mama playing Scrabble?)

and what about you?  do you know the story of your own birth?  in my family each child hears about the day of their birth on every birthday.  what a gift!  what about the day your littles were born?  i’m all ears!