happy equinox

it’s been quiet here of late. that wasn’t really by design. but i guess we’ve been focused on other things. like getting out another issue of fieldwork. if you haven’t received a copy yet, let me know and i’ll get one out to you.

we’ve also been out and about some…to the Green Sprouts Festival. the roses at Peninsula Park were still in beautiful full bloom, the squirrels were collecting acorns, we got to see Sophia and Jess. Mabel and Sophie went on the see-saw. M calls it the up and down. we entered to will a Waldorf style play kitchen and won!

this is Mabel “taking a bath in Nana’s sink!” crazy girl. this surprise came at just the right time. she loves it. and plays and plays.

we also went to hear Elizabeth Mitchel sing at a PICA event. we almost didn’t go because of bus schedules and nap times. and i was prepared to not love the concert. i mean, her voice couldn’t sound as fluid and lovely and full of care as it did on the recording, right? no. she sounded great. from the first note of “Eliza Jane,” the tears were flowing. it was amazing. and Daniel (the dad) and Story (the daughter) were there singing with her. when Story played the harmonica, M said, “Mamie do!” because she does play the harmonica when we sing.

after the show i got to say thank you to Daniel. he was so generous and kind, taking my hand, asking about the sound, asking about Mabel. i got to tell him about singing “Little Bird” so many times to get our little bird to sleep. it was an honor.

we’ve got relatives coming in for the next few weeks, so i can imagine that it might be another little while before i’m back here regularly. the weather seems to be turning where we are…rain and cool mornings and mugs of tea through the day. have a lovely equinox!

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