years ago, before Asher Luke was born, my friend J received this mobile as a gift. it was just about the most lovely thing i had ever seen. i loved the colors, the baby dancing inside the mama. it was the perfect gift at the perfect time.

when i was pregnant with M, i looked around on the internet and managed to find the mobile. i didn’t manage to find the money to purchase one though!

well last week i went a little nuts and ordered a mobile for myself. just because it’s perfect and i love it.

and there’s a new baby growing in me!

it arrived in the finest packaging, beautiful and simple and so modern. and we hung it up right away. the biggest surprise is how much the mobile moves. those girls just spin. i feel so blessed to have such lovely things around me.


  1. just a few mornings ago, maisy and i snuggled in the predawn light waiting for the moment the house would spring to life. she was awake but i was try not to be. she kept saying something about ‘me jumping out of your tummy’. i opened my eyes and realized that she was intently watching something. the family our mobile has become (we snipped off a few pigtails and added a child along the way) was dancing in the moving furnace air and the babe within was flung sideways in a skateboard move up and out of the mama’s tummy. i’ve left it that way for now. it seemed fitting. maisy is truly flinging her way into her bigness.

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