beyond resolutions

well, besides turning completely into fire,  i thought i’d articulate a few goals–even though that’s not at all the right word for what i have in mind!  the main thing on my plate this year is this baby that’s growing inside of me.  my year will follow the seasons:

Winter–prepare for the little one’s arrival, lay up food, organize the closets and basement.  i also want to find some sort of structure and flow to my days with Mabel.  part of that includes afternoon tea i think.  a time to enjoy each other over a warm cup of tea and a little sweet.

Spring–welcome the new one…will the baby come before the tulips are done?  or as the lilac is blooming?  plans around this time includes lots of nursing and naps and love.  sort of like Heather over at Mama is…

Summer–time to get our bearings about us again.  time to drink sun tea and sit in the shade.  this season’s questions center on whether or not we will join a CSA and where to hang the hammock.

Fall–a new school year.  the first time i’ll be on my own for a big piece of time with two.  lots of walks and books to read.  again looking to find the new pattern to our days as the sun tilts us to winter.

after a year of adventure, Sarah of Handmade Homeschool has chosen home to be this year’s word of the year.  as for me, this year’s word is joy.  for obvious reasons.  i wonder how this word will wind its way into our days.

do you have a word for the year?

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