the feast of the epiphany

tomorrow marks the end of the Christmas season as the wise men, who have been following a star, finally make it to the promised child.

i’ve had plans (since Thanksgiving!) to string popcorn and cranberries for the juncos and chickadees and scrub jays and house sparrows that visit our feeders each day. so i think tomorrow, we’ll pack away the decorations and take our tree outside. then we’ll hang it with new decorations, offerings for our friends.

maybe that will ease the transition for our little one (and her mama). it’s hard to say goodbye to such a magical thing as a tree inside the house and filled with lights! but this new season will hold its own wonders.

and after the cold, dark winter, we’ll welcome our second child. wonder upon wonder!

things will probably slow down here at this blog for awhile. but i’ll still be over at one deep drawer. and do look for a winter print edition of fieldwork.

peace keep you!