new babies


at Christmas i got the loveliest of gifts…a handmade card with a handmade gift certificate to the local Waldorf crafts store.  and a ride to the store!  i just couldn’t get over the drawing on the card–a tree and a baby and a question: what child is this?  open the card to discover that it’s not baby Jesus, it’s baby Henry!  the gift was an unexpected bit of thoughtfulness from my friend and brother in law, Ben.  i knew that i wanted to spend part of the money on gifts for the littles.  and so…

these two sweeties came to live at our house from the Spring Creek Store.


for some time i’ve been looking for a fine cloth doll for M.  i even thought about trying to make one while i was pregnant.  i think it best that i decided against that!  when i thought about ordering one, i just couldn’t decided if i wanted red hair or blush skin or curls or mocha skin.  there were too many choices.  too many expensive choices.

enter Spring Creek.  it’s located inside the Portland Waldorf School.  we went there because we had another Chinook Book coupon.  the grounds are absolutely beautiful.  the school is in a lovely old brick schoolhouse.  there are garden beds and a cob oven and there’s a creek that meanders through too.  i kept looking at the students trying to see if there was some Waldorf-ness about them!  i couldn’t tell.

the store had a “gently loved” section.  used items at deep discounts.  Mabel’s doll is in beautiful condition. she even had a piece of felt and some yarn in the pocket of her dress.  just like another girl i know!   this morning M discovered that the doll came from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls.  i also got a little elf to share with the new little coming in Spring.  she’s filled with lavender and smells delicious!  i’d like to go back and carefully look at their used books.  another day.


  1. What a lovely little friend you’ve found. 🙂 I always wanted one of these little dollies for my girls, but found them to be cost -prohibitive. What a treat to find such a little cutie!

  2. I have wanted to visit that store for a long time. Glad to know they have a gently used section – I will definitely have to visit. Have you been to Gossamer on Burnside? It also has Waldorf supplies – we get our modeling beeswax there.

    Also, do you read

    Okay, I need to stop leaving comments and get back to playing dress up with the girls!

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