bob’s red mill

my mom came for a visit. and in among all the naps and books and afternoon tea, we went on some adventures. my list had been growing…things that are hard to do on the bus, things that take us a bit farther afield. in this case all the way to Milwaukie!

first stop Bob’s Red Mill. the chinook book had a coupon for breakfast and a coupon for the store. what we didn’t bargain on was that 13 February was Bob’s 80th birthday. he arrived on the premises in a pretty old car. he looks just like the guy on the packages! there was cake in the shape of a millstone, a ragtime band, balloons, and a free hat to anyone named Bob. Bob said to us, “you only turn 80 once!”

the store is worth a visit…every Bob’s product under the sun. and some in larger quantities. we went nuts and spent our half off coupon on 25 pounds of black beans. crazy! there’s a lovely mural of the history of the mill and a waterwheel and millstones. though the real mill is at another location. breakfast was unremarkable. but i loved Bob’s favorite corn grits with cheese.

a morning well spent.