winter’s warmth

can you imagine how much money we spent heating our house this winter? not a penny!

between the free wood from neighbors doing tree work and the oil we purchased last season, our heating costs were $0.

of course that figure can’t include the hours of good, hard labor that AP put in chopping it up. and Mabel and i did our part hauling and stacking. but like Thoreau said, wood warms you three times–once when you cut it, once when you haul it, and one last time when you burn it!

what an amazing blessing to find this rental house fitted with a woodstove and next to neighbors who truly care. and now that Spring is here we are preparing this space to welcome our new little one!


  1. I have always wanted a woodstove! The house we’re buying doesn’t even have a fireplace – I’m hoping somewhere down the road we can get a permit to put a stove in the living room.

    What a wonderful blessing that you have been able to get your wood for free, too!

  2. Remember the day we went out walking and shopping and stopping by the library? Andy Bunyan Poundstone was working on the wood pile all the while, chopping, splitting and stacking with so much love. I just wanted to hug that boy!

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