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the birth of nicolas west: a list

april 09 059

by no means complete.  just a way to begin to remember our boy’s day of days.

  • early labor…walking to the cafe and being with Nicki and Mabel and Zion
  • napping with Mabel after our walk, so much our usual routine
  • waking with contractions, then waiting for AP to come home
  • beans and avocado and chili verde for dinner
  • out for a walk in the warm sun…wearing the birth dress and Jessica’s sweater
  • reading on the couch with the girl between contractions
  • Mabel asleep in her own bed
  • Beth coming, then Nicki.  the atmosphere changing: yes, this baby is coming.  calls to family
  • telling Troy stories between contractions
  • going to sleep at the edge of active labor
  • the house dark and quiet, waiting for the new thing
  • then getting up–my body determining for us all that sleep would wait
  • the Inland Arbor tree as focus point…and Dream and Reality by Berdyaev
  • filling the tub–boiling water!
  • in the tub, waiting for Andy
  • Mabel arriving, all smiles, drinking juice, happy, matter of fact
  • her face at the side of the tub as she watched her mama push out her brother
  • feeling his wrinkled head inside me
  • the contractions still coming so close: push, push, push
  • feeling his legs inside while the rest of him was out and knowing that he was moving to get a contraction going and that being so right.  he’s a player here too.
  • that boy on my chest!
  • all of us in bed together getting warm
  • then scattering to our various jobs: placenta prints, egg making, blood collecting, reading on the couch, star gazing, babe in arms
  • Nicki’s foot rub
  • watching the newborn exam with Mabel in my lap
  • the house quiet again after such a flurry of activity, Mabel back asleep
  • waking for five minutes with the grandparents
  • our first morning.  together.  at home.


  1. It is a beautiful outline of events…a poem of the Garrison Poundstone family growing right before our eyes.

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