maybe you remember this?

not to be outdone by his sister, Nicolas had an extraordinary poop this morning.

out his diaper, all over his pajamas, filled up my hand, dripped down all over the birth ball, puddled up on the ground in front of us.

oh my!


  1. when she was 6 weeks old, maisy made a very similar poop. i was traveling by myself and sitting by the window next to a very snooty well-dressed woman. the poop happened was just as the airplane made the turn onto the runway for takeoff. i could sense her disgust as we taxied and zoomed up, up, up into the air and there i was with a puddle of poop in my lap.

  2. oh, boy, do I remember those! When our oldest was a baby and we were traveling (so we were using paper diapers), she was queen of the “magic poo” – almost all up her back, through the clothes and pretty much none in the diaper. how the heck did she do that?

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