guess who’s coming to Powells…

crow planet

Lyanda Lynn Haupt.  i can’t believe it.  i really should have heard her read before now.  she only lives a few hours north.  but we’ve missed each other until now.  and her new book?

it’s about CROWS.

i chose joy as my word for the year.  mostly because a baby was going to be born.  but the joy continues and grows!  two days ago Andy took Mabel in the car (we have a car, don’t you know!) and left Nicolas and me at the park.  i got to breastfeed and watch crows in the shade of old maple trees.  and then the crows gathered in the tree above my head and set to preening.  a feather dropped next to us.  such a gift!

so on Monday night at 7:30, i’ll joyously be at Powells on Hawthorne.  why not join me?

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