I realize that in giving birth, managing a household, raising a child, and composting potato peels in a city, I have learned some things about wildness that even Thoreau could not have known.

–Lyanda Lynn Haupt in Crow Planet

monday night’s reading was so nice…riding the bus quietly, no small ones to entertain.  riding with my journal in hand.  walking down familiar streets as night fell.  squeezing into an aisle of books to listen because all of the seats were taken.  watching a long-legged girl  in braids and a robin’s egg blue shirt as she looked at the children’s books (Lyanda’s daughter, Claire!).  listening to crow stories.  then back waiting at the bus.  and the pull of my heart as we finally turned west toward the hills, toward home.

there’s giveaway goodness happening over at An Exaltation of Larks!


  1. This is a gorgeous post. These are the moments that are so treasured, when you can have a moment to yourself, and yet enjoy the moment that you rejoin your loved ones. I just found your blog, and it is quite an inspiration.

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