the spiritual life of children

i went to an oral history workshop this week (more on that in another post) and came home with a great big list of books to read and ideas to follow.  nothing better!  one thread has led me to Robert Coles and his work documenting children’s stories, especially where they rub up against the divine.  i am just beginning this research, but it seems so full of promise.  he even did oral history work with Dorothy Day!  here are a few links i’ve found:

  • Speaking of Faith interview–i changed this link…i couldn’t get the “Children and God” show to work.
  • interview from 12 years ago–nice introduction that makes me want more
  • an article as introduction–many books listed
  • and finally, a quote: “children want to know; they want to understand. they possess a delving spirit — of inquiry, yearning, and enormous curiosity about this world.”

a delving spirit! now that’s something to aspire to ourselves and something to inspire in our children.

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