mt st helens and lava cakes

today is the 30th anniversary of the eruption of Mt St Helens.  so we made Lava Cake to celebrate!  this recipe is very simple and uses pantry ingredients: chocolate chips, butter, eggs, sugar, flour.  the cakes bake in just 12 minutes…then you get to enjoy!  now if i only had a copy of Lathe of Heaven, Ursula LeGuin’s novel of dreaming and Portland and volcanoes.


  1. After watching the video of making lava cake, Aba and I decided to make some too!! Delicious! Strangely, two of the four turned out non-lava-y in the middle and the other two nice and gooey. Wonder if my oven is cooking unevenly?? Hmm…..

    My mom was pregnant with John, and in Portland visiting my grandparents when Mount St. Helens erupted. She remembers wearing a mask to protect herself (and him) from breathing the lava dust as she and my dad drove from Portland to Port Angeles, WA where they lived at the time!!!!

    Thanks for the fun recipe!!!


  2. man o man! That makes me hungry. I woke up from a nap with Mabel on my mind. I miss you sweet girl.

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