why i love the internet

a little over a month ago, five kitties were born to a sleek black mama cat named Puppy in Indiana.  my brother sent us this link last week, and we check in on these sweeties a few times every day.

there are a few new book updates over at goodreads.

and if you’ve checked in with the links in the sidebar under Near + Far, maybe you’ve noticed the house-searching links…we’ll be looking for a new place to live soon.  do send prayer and good thoughts our way.

…oh, and i finally put new pictures up at flickr.


  1. Hi Kort…I noticed on your Near + Far that you have a link saved for the blog High Desert Home. I would love to be a member of her blog. She was such a wonderful source of inspiration for me when she was blogging before. Do you know how one might be able to become a member?

  2. hello, Marianna….hmmm, i don’t think i’m a member over at High Desert Home…just followed a link from Tonia @ study in brown…maybe she has ideas?

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