it’s been quiet here

…and unfortunately not the good kind of quiet.  not the quiet of days full of creative work in other places.  not the quiet of cups running over.  what’s changed?

not much of anything really; that’s what gets me.  we have to move out of our little house with the wood stove and garden, the place where our boy was born.  the place where both the girl and the boy took their first steps.  but we aren’t in the crush of moving.  we’re in the waiting, looking for what’s next, holding our breath, hopeful but worried nonetheless place.  and it wears me out.  it takes my attention from my real work.

so, today as an antidote to worry, i will do my work.  i’ll wash the clothes overflowing their basket.  i’ll put the soup on.  i’ll pray.  i will bring peace to our house.


  1. i’ve been thinking about you a lot…wondering. praying. no news yet, i guess? waiting makes me feel a little crazy, so you have my sympathy. write when you get a chance and keep me posted. k ?

  2. Sometimes the laundry is the best thing to do in this situation. I’m thinking of you daily and then realize once again as I fall off to sleep at night that I’ve not written the email in my head. Busyness and more busyness. Our love to you.

  3. i think you’re right about the laundry. in the middle of big things that i don’t have much control over, here is something with clearly defined parameters: i can know if i did a good job; i can know when it’s finished. it’s tangible.

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