things that are working :: 2

cooking with children

everyday we eat.  everyday we eat together.  and whatever food gets made, usually gets made with at least a little help.  but there are some meals that are just made for small children to help: mixing up batter, scattering pizza toppings.  Mabel’s even getting very good at cracking eggs!  our simple chile verde is easy to prepare and very forgiving.  the hardest part is preparing the tomatillos.  and that’s where a bit of help is nice.

Nico very carefully peels each tomatillo and Mabel quarters them.  then we throw them on top of some pork–the cheapest your store sells, bones or not–and the slightest bit of water and turn the crock pot on low. round about lunch time, i lift the lid and add a bit of cumin, maybe some oregano, some salt and pepper.  i also encourage the tomatillos to properly sauce by squashing them against the side of the pot with my spoon.

it’s all very precise!  but really if you come to my house for dinner, this is probably what we’ll be eating.  Andy might even make some homemade corn tortillas to go with!


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