what to do if your unschooling preschooler falls in love with worksheets

…head over here and fire up the printer!  i haven’t done a whole lot of looking around, but this site has lots of beginning worksheets for letter and number practice.  i like that the sheets are full of lovely, colorful illustrations.

our not even five year old daughter has become very interested in writing, reading, and addition.  i wasn’t planning on an early introduction of academics.  she was learning all the time through her own explorations and our adventures together at the library.  but she is interested.  and excited.  so here we go.  a few more resources we are using:

  • art exploring…with crayons, watercolors, play dough.  this is our family gallery; everyone contributes!
  • our annual foray into Shakespeare.  we started working through The Tempest this week.  there are free performances all summer long.
  • books on tape…enjoying the Frog and Toad stories read by the author, Arnold Lobel.

and, of course, lots and lots of library books.  just yesterday she told me she was interested in insects.  well.  we’ll have to get some books.  i am hoping  Ann is right–that a curious mama with a library card can provide “a stellar education.”

here are a couple of links to our reasons for homeschooling.  all of our learning adventures can be found in the “teaching our  own” category over in the sidebar.  that’s quite a few links!

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