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Goodreads…and a handful of wild, yellow dandelions for you!

i started keeping a list of books i was reading when we lived in the jungle.  so much of my time was spent reading.  and the books really had the space to influence me.  there was no tv,  no internet, no movies.  and just one other person who spoke English (hi, AP!).  i read widely.  i read books i would never have chosen if i had access to a proper library.  and it was good.

then in 2009 i wondered just how many books i read in a year.  so i started keeping track on this blog.  but typing in every title and author was boring!  i wanted something visual, something beautiful.  and that’s when i discovered Goodreads.  a fellow Peace Corps volunteer (hi, Byl!) first invited me to join.  he was still living in the jungle, and this was a perfect way to stay connected with what was going on in his reading world.

recently, i’ve also connected with Marianna who blogs at Cardinal Acre.  and that’s what’s really working.  i love reading over her shoulder.  she is a woman who reads many, many books–she has a goal of reading 111 books in 2011!  a woman who takes her children seriously.  a woman who loves God.  a woman after my own heart.  i am so pleased to get these glimpses into her world, so pleased to get such good recommendations.

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  1. Thank you so much for the compliments! I do love keeping track of my reading and I’m thrilled when someone finds a book through my recommendations. My favorite thing, though, is finding a new book through someone else’s recommendation! To my mind all good art should be shared. God bless.

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