september’s coming soon

a few quotes fell out of my Fanny Farmer cookbook this afternoon.  and they’re not a bad way to welcome this coming season.  these are from Donna Otto’s book called Finding your Purpose as a Mom.

home is supposed to be a place where people not only manage to grow, but are nurtured, encouraged, and helped to grow into the mature, loving, and Godly people they are created to be.  home is a place of rich resources and careful tending, where lives are shaped to produce fruit.

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our bodies and spirits are aligned to the natural rhythms and to ignore them is to invite unnecessary stress into our lives.

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children need you to be present–watching them, studying them, thinking about them, interacting without a wondering mind or heart that yearns to be elsewhere.

(oh, here’s Michael Stipe pining for the moon, breaking my heart, singing “Nightswimming”)


  1. my heart is broken so easily…a glance at a stick Mabel picked up at the library on a cold day; a corn husk doll from my little girl; remembering Bigmama, Nadine, Delania, others…and music is the ultimate heart breaker

    1. more tears from Kauai when I read your comment…I love all our little heart connections

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