straight paths

all this moving business is starting to get old.  there are things that need to find a home, things (my journal!) that still haven’t been found.

but this week we started to do circle time again…hoping that the structure and connection would bring a bit of peace along with them.  we sing an opening song (“Head and Shoulders” in both English and Saramakan), work on scripture memory (Psalm 100), read books from our seasonal basket or from the Alphabet Path, and begin a project.

today’s project was making homemade play dough.  we used Elizabeth’s recipe for calming a cranky afternoon.  i couldn’t find our essential oils, so instead i used grapeseed oil that had been scented with rosemary and lavender.  worked wonderfully.  we just used standard, off the shelf food coloring.  some colors were more successful than others (yes, purple, i’m talking to you.)

…hoping that the peace will come…and i can keep my mouth shut till then.




  1. I miss circle time. When my older children were little we started every weekday with a morning circle: prayer, singing, scripture, a poem, a couple of good books, and then afterward some making and doing just like you. Now only my Luke is young enough to enjoy such a time. It’s just the two of us singing and reading and doing together, and it doesn’t really have that “circle” feel. I wonder if you need three to make a circle?

  2. oh, we’d love to come and add our three to you and Luke’s circle, to share stories and songs together…

    we were watching Survivor and Mabel said, Susan and Luke watch Survivor too!…i couldn’t remember ever telling her that, but i must have! it made her so happy to have that connection with you two 🙂

  3. Your play dough rainbow is so pretty…But what about that age old problem of keeping the colors separate? I know. Just make a new batch. I can’t remember the energy that homemade play dough must require.

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