along the alphabet path

this weekend we enjoyed a production of Much Ado About Nothing by the Original Practice Shakespeare Company.  Mabel and i  brought hot chocolate and a warm blanket and listened and watched together.  it was last year’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream that first got M interested in studying Shakespeare.

we have also started ever so gently along the Alphabet Path.  for us this mostly means gathering an armload of picture books on a certain topic–apples when we studied the letter A, blueberries and birds now that we’re studying Bhere is a list of what we’ve been reading…

we also found a wonderful collection of coloring sheets featuring good habits linked to the ABCs made by Kimberlee and her children.  have i mentioned how much i like coloring?  the quiet strokes calm and soothe me.  Mabel and i have such good conversations when we color together.


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