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the glorious coming and all our waiting

ever since we left the lovely fall days of St Martin’s Summer, the days have been cooler and growing darker.  the seasons are shifting.  Advent comes early this year–before St Andrew’s day on the 30th of November.  but it’s early coming is really a gift.  Advent starts on the 27th, but most calendars only count the 24 days of December.  so you have a few extra days to get plans in place!

i spent a bit of time today gathering up stray posts from the last year to add to the Word Made Flesh page.  you can always find it on the tab at the top of each page.  it’s where i have collected posts about the church year.  there are new posts on the feast of the Presentation and the Visitation as well as a book list of resources about celebrating the church year.

you also might want to download and print the Christmas edition of fieldwork, a zine i made for a few years.  it won’t be the same as receiving it in the mail from St Johns, but it’s full of good ideas none the less!

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