eleven in eleven :: an update

when the year was young, on the eleventh day of January, i made a radical list of eleven practices i wanted to include in my days this year.  now that we are the end of the year, in the eleventh month, about to begin another church year, i thought it wise to revisit this list.

truth be told, i mostly forgot.  i changed journals early in the year and the list did not follow me.  it sat quiet and alone on the shelf.  i only came across it this week as i was looking up lists from the last Christmas season.

there are some items on the list that are easy.  more camping, more music (more on that and a gift for you tomorrow!), more outside.  all of these were easily and seamlessly a part of our days.  the garden this year was quiet, but still there were berries and beans and pumpkins and tomatoes.  so many batches of fresh salsa, so many pots of sauce simmering all day.  other things are easy in another way. the rule of six has not become a part of our days.  i wonder why?  a simple way, a way near to hand to account for these days of ours…it’s still something i aspire to.  i wonder if this next year will hold a space for such a practice?  more photographs?  i don’t know.  some resolutions hold the path to perfection within them: MORE drawing–inspiration and supplies near to hand, after dinner.  so that’s how drawing will become rooted in our days!

i have worked on memorization this year.  i want to write more about that in a post of its own.

then others…more love, more giving?  there’s always room for more.

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