turning year school :: advent

our plan for advent this year…

our circle times are held by two anchors: the Jesse Tree ornaments at Paper Dali and Katherine’s 25 Books idea.

each morning we are reading the Jesse Tree scripture, coloring and cutting the image, and opening a wrapped story book.  last year when i heard about Katherine’s wild plan, i was interested but skeptical.  25 books?  isn’t that a bit much?  and wrapping them all…so wasteful!

you would not believe the amount of excitement this project has generated at our place!  we don’t quite have 25 books, so i’ve added library books to our stack.  (now i think we have more than 25!)  and i don’t have all of the books wrapped yet.  like i tell La Leche League mamas who are pumping milk, you really only need to stay 1 day ahead!

if we keep up with these two practices, it will be the most focused stretch of schooling we’ve put our hand to yet.  i’ll keep you updated…and maybe list our books too.

i also have plans to listen to the audio series by Richard Rohr called The Art of Letting Go.

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