good things

on my master what-to-blog list, i had written “curated content.”  i rely on a few trusted sources to keep up with things on the internets.  thought i’d share them with you…

  • Melissa Wiley keeps a list of things that Caught Her Eye (find it in the right hand sidebar)
  • Mental multivitamin curates her own Public Library at diigo
  • Elizabeth Foss of In the Heart of My Home has a friend feed
  • Tsh at Simple Mom bookmarks things she reads and likes at tumblr…the other women at Simple Homeschool and Simple Kids also publish Weekend Links that often include true gems
  • Open Culture seems to find most (free) things that are good and worthwhile
  • Andy reads at Andrew Sullivan’s blog The Dish and the daily what.  and i’m often reading over his shoulder…especially for the silly cats!
  • Ann at A Holy Experience and Tonia at Study in Brown keep bookmarks on delicious

and i keep my bookmarks there too…you can always find links from Near + Far sitting quietly at the top of the sidebar.

:: updated :: to add that i’d  love to see what Susan at Home Hum and Lori at Camp Creek are reading….

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